Virtual Walk-in Appointment

You can schedule a virtual walk-in appointment online, or by phone.

  1. Request an appointment online (via Zoom video conferencing)
  2. Request an appointment by phone: (708)562-0200

What is virtual walk-in appointment?

Virtual walk-in appointment is a way for you to talk to your Customer Service Representative or Pension Specialist by Zoom video from the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits of virtual walk-in appointments?

How do I set up a virtual appointment?

Go to our virtual appointment page and select the type of appointment that you need. In the appointment booking, you will enter your basic information to help our staff identify you.

Once you make the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email 24 hours before the appointment. If you cannot make the appointment, you can also reschedule your appointment. Your reminder email will have a link for you to cancel and reschedule to a different time.

Video to create your virtual appointment

What do I need for a virtual appointment?

Virtual appointments are held via Zoom video calls. You will need either smart phone OR a tablet OR a laptop computer with a webcam OR a desktop computer with a webcam.

If not using a smart phone, an internet connection is required for your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

If you are using a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, we may ask you to download a free Zoom application from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

How does a video appointment work?

With a video appointment, your appointment will be like a face-to-face visit. We will use a secure Zoom conferencing technology. You can access the meeting by clicking on the link that was texted or emailed. You will be taken to a landing page where you can start your Zoom visit.

Need more help?

Please call our office at (708)562-0200.   Our staff is happy to help!