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Health & Welfare

How Will You Spend Diabetes Awareness Month?

For many of us, November kicks off the unofficial start to the holiday season. And while this time of reflection and thankfulness is often celebrated with the foods and the people we love, it can also serve as a challenge for those with diabetes. Read more...

Back to School Planning

It’s time for school to begin. Need some tips on how to make this process less stressful for your children? ComPsyche, the Member Assistance Program, can help you with Back to School Planning. If you have children returning to school, check this out! Read more...

COBRA Continuation Coverage

If your coverage under the Plan ends, you and your dependents may continue healthcare coverage by making the required COBRA payments. Click here for the COBRA rates and other details.


Annual Funding Notice & Green Zone Notice

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA), added requirements for measuring the financial health of multiemployer pension plans such as ours. PPA requires the Laborers' Pension Fund’s ("Fund"/"Plan") actuary to determine and certify the Fund’s financial status annually. If the Plan’s status is critical (“Red Zone”) or endangered (“Yellow Zone”), the Trustees must notify all plan participants, beneficiaries, participating unions and contributing employers in writing Read more...

Annual Statement Required from Pension Recipients

With your February 2021 pension check, you received an Annual Statement that needs to be completed and sent back to the Fund Office by May 15, 2021. Pensioners with direct deposit received a separate mailing containing the Annual Statement form. This form is sent every year to verify you received all of your pension checks from the prior year, to verify your mailing address, to update your file with any new information, and to verify that you are not working in any employment prohibited by the Plan rules. A Summary About the Kinds of Work Not Allowed is also sent every year and is included with this mailing.

Instructions for completing the Annual Statement follow:

  • Section A: must be completed.
  • Section B: if you checked ‘AGREE’ for all 3 statements in Section A, do not complete.
    If you did not ‘AGREE’ with any of 3 statements in Section A, then complete only the portion(s) of Section B related to the Section A statement(s) you did not ‘AGREE’ with.
  • Section C: you must sign this form, and your signature must be notarized by a Notary Public. The Fund Office has a notary on staff if you would like to come in to complete the form. Valid photo identification is required. Read more...